Wedding Websites!

Hello and happy Thursday everyone! I am excited to announce that I am now offering WEDDING WEBSITES!

Specifically, I am offering a website specifically curated for YOU about YOUR wedding!

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How It Works

First, you’ll reach out to me (E. Lexi Abbott) and talk about your wedding! You’ll tell me all about how you met, how you feel about one another, and other specific questions I ask as part of my secret recipe for creating the perfect post for you and your life partner!

Next, you’ll send me photos from your wedding! These can be photos your photographer gave you or that you and your guests took by yourselves.

Then, I will use these photos and the information you provided me with to create YOUR custom website page on your own free website to have and share with loved ones both who couldn’t make it and who were there!

Why You Should Order

It’s one thing to have a wedding registry website or even a dedicated Facebook page or group…but it’s a whole other thing to have a custom curated webpage that will remain forever with the ability to add onto later!

Not only do you not have to spend extra brain power trying to think of what to say and how to say it…you will be able to have me come to your wedding and speak with you and your loved ones IN PERSON to get specific quotes, information, and record special moments that only being there at the wedding itself could allow for!

What if my wedding hasn’t happened yet?

Even better! I not only help to write your vows (ask me about my past clients) I can also come to the wedding in person and be there to ask questions and be a fly on the wall to capture all the special moments that happen in between photographs!

Photos might speak 1000 words, but I write exactly what those words are and MORE!

What if my wedding already happened?

Also no problem! Just give me a call and we’ll have a warm conversation that recalls your wedding day and all that it entailed! Give me the phone numbers of your loved ones and I can call and chat with them, too, in order to get the inside scoop on the biggest day of your lives (so far!)


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