Magic Mirror

By E. Lexi Abbott (Alexis E. Abbott)

You stare into your magic mirror

while pondering the world.

You see into the lives

of other boys and girls.

People whom you’ve never met

and may never really see.

But you feel you know these people

extremely intimately.

The magic mirror has a way

of connecting us with the world around;

while at the same time

keeping our feet from touching the ground.

It wraps us in a plastic film

of filters, make up, and play pretend.

Smiles carved into frowning faces.

Resolves that break but never seem to bend.

But as isolating as the magic mirror is,

it can also do some good.

As long as those who speak through the magic mirror,

act in the way they know they should.

Do away with the lies of society.

Do away with hiding your truth.

Do away with pretending you’re some polished perfect square,

while ignoring your fleeting youth.

It’s okay to be organic.

It’s okay to sometimes go a bit insane.

It’s okay to dress in funny colors

and do things with funny names.

The truth is we all are human,

not the robots behind which we hide.

We all seek out true connections

while fearing others might reject what’s inside.

Don’t let the magic mirror toy with your mind.

– 1/15/2023

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Published by E. Lexi Abbott

A free spirit and a wild soul. I am a writer who is seeking the inspiration found in the crannies and nooks of life. My goal is to combine the world in my head with the world around me one page at a time.

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