Tire Tales! A Community!

Good morning and happy Thursday everyone! I hope the start to your school year has been fantastic! I am pleased and excited to announce the new website for Tire Tales! TireTalesAdventures.com! Please read on to learn more about this website and my hopes for the future of Tire Tales!

(Please note: These screenshots are from the desktop version of the website. The mobile version looks different as it is formatted to fit your phone with ease!)

On this website you will find the Home, Adventure, Community, Characters, and Contact tabs. Let me walk you through the features of this brand new website!!


On the Home tab you will currently find a welcome banner and three links going to Adventure, Community, and Characters. In the future, important updates and special guest spotlights will find their way to the banner picture!


On the Adventure tab you will find links to the current books and t-shirts. In the future, links to more products will be added. A sub-tab of Adventure is labeled “shop”. In the future, products will be more intricately tied to the website so that you can order your Tire Tales adventure products more easily and directly from the website itself!


On the Community tab you will find links to the Forum, Members, and Gallery pages! The Community tab is there to do just that! Create a community! You can sign yourself and your child up for the Tire Tales community via the Members page OR the log-in bar located at the top.

As soon as you are a member I will personally approve you and assign you a roll. Children and adults will be clearly labeled and security measures will be taken to ensure your child’s safety online!

In the future, there will be children sections to the website featuring free coloring pages, videos, and other fun things!


My hope is that the Tire Tales Community will work together to help one another and connect! In this spirit, I have also created roles to show those members who are Homeschooling Parents, Parents, Educators, and Mental Health Experts! This will allow members to easily seek out or see advice from other, more qualified, members in certain topics! For right now, please message me via the CONTACT page to let me know if you fulfill one of these roles!


In the Gallery I hope to showcase drawings, colorings, and pictures of our Tire Tales community! Want YOUR picture added? Send it to elexiabbott@gmail.com to be reviewed and possibly posted! If posted, I will notify you in the form you give me to contact you that your picture is up!


On the Characters page, you can find quick information about each main character of the Tire Tales series! You can also navigate to their own personal page to learn even more via sub-tabs or links on the Characters main page!

Contact Us

The Contact Us page is a straightforward way to send a message to me, E. Lexi Abbott, the author and illustrator of Tire Tales, for all your questions, concerns, and messages!

THANK YOU for reading and I look forward to seeing you on the Tire Tales website!!

The Frog On The Log

Frog on a Log Painting by Linda Eader
Painting by: Linda Eader

once upon a time
there sat a frog
he sat upon
a bump on a log
he sat there through sunshine
and rain and fog
he saw the world go by
while he was nestled in sod
all the other kids thought he was boring
but I knew he was wise
he was watching the events of the world
go by
so, I decided to sit with him too
at first, I sat cross-legged
without my shoes
but my feet got cold
and when it rained, I got wet
when it became night
I felt ready to set
my sights towards home
but there sat that frog
so, I got up and shook myself off
I settled back down
beside the creature
the creature who had neither
twitched a wink or moved an eye
he sat staring forward at where the ground met the sky
so, I stared there too and then I saw why
the sunrise was beautiful like painting the sky
and when the light broke, I felt I could cry
because circling there above the horizon
was the past, the future, and the present to rise in
conjunction with the sun, the moon, and the stars
I sat there throughout the whole day staring towards Mars
I now understand that frog with all my heart
sometimes it takes sitting still to become smart

  • E. Lexi Abbott

Unlocking Your Words – Saying What You Want To Say

Hello and welcome to another article written by yours truly, writer and tutor – E. Lexi Abbott! Today’s article is about unlocking your words and saying what it is that you mean to say.

First thing’s first, what do I mean by this? In my experience as both a writer and a tutor, 98% of the time we tend to get in our own way. We know what we want to say and we know what we mean by the way we word things. This knowledge results in us forgetting a very important and critical thing – we are not our audience. Our audience is another person or a group of other people besides ourselves with different backgrounds, upbringings, and ways of expressing themselves. This often leads us to getting in our readers’ way which is the #1 NO-NO of writing.

NEVER get in your readers’ way.

So how do we fix this? How do we make sure that our readers can understand us? How can we say what we want to in a way that others can understand?

Welcome to the article!

Step 1: What Are You Saying?

I know what you’re thinking – “E. Lexi, I know what I am saying, it is written down in black and white right here in front of me,” – but the words you have chosen to write is not what I am talking about.

What I mean is…what is the whole scope of what you are trying to say? What are the details?

Here’s an example: I was tutoring a student of mine once (1/28/2021) and he was trying to write a paper comparing movies to books, arguing that movies are better. One of his examples was that movies are better because more goes into them than books. I asked him to explain and he said: “You have to pay more money to more people to make a movie,” and while this is not wrong, it’s not the right thing to say either. The reason it is not the right thing to say is because it does not get to the core of what he was trying to say.

What he was saying did not match what he MEANT

What he MEANT was: You have to not only write the movie script, but you have to print it out, hire actors to act it out, hire people to create the props, hire people to create the choreography, hire people to do the lighting, hire people to film, hire people to shoot the movie, hire people to edit the movie, hire people to animate the movie (if there is any animation)…so on and so forth.

I kept asking him to explain more, explaining that he was only saying surface information, but he couldn’t get past that he had already said what he said and thought that it was what he meant. He could not come to terms with the fact that he had not yet explained the depth of what he was trying to say. Eventually, I asked him if he would like a metaphor to help explain it and he said, “Yes, please!” (it is important to note that I have been working with this student for a few weeks now so we have finally gained a recognition of one another and how we work).

Iceberg flat vector floating on sea with underwater part cartoon illustration, snowberg ice berg or glacier in ocean under water image

What I told him was this: “Remember the Titanic? Remember how they ran into the iceberg because they could see the top but not the bottom because of how big it is under the water? Think of your words in that way. What you are telling me is, “You pay more money to produce a movie!” but what you MEAN is, “A movie takes actors, filming, props, lighting, editing, and more!” So, say what you mean! Everyone in the world can see the top of the iceberg, but they can’t see under the water.” After this explanation he said, “Ohhhhhhhh!” and hallelujah! The lightbulb moment was there!

So…what are you ACTUALLY trying to say? What do you mean when you say what you have written down on that paper of yours in front of you?

When a teacher/tutor tells you to explain further, but you feel that you have already explained all that you can, take a step back and think about what conclusion you are trying to lead your reader to and then just write that down instead. Direct and to the point in writing is ALWAYS better than fancy flourish!

Until next time!


Image artist: Bri Wenke Image source: Pinterest.com

hello, my name is Human
i am a product of flesh and bone
hello, my name is Human
i live in a green and blue biome

hello, my name is Human
and i’m not quite sure why i exist
i’ll spend the rest of eternity
trying to define the meaning of bliss

hello, my name is Human
and what a funny creature to be
i have dominated everything
from the land to the sea

hello, my name is Human
and every generation i forget my past
i forget the dancing paintings
on the cave walls that have last-

-ed through the eons
though we’ve only been here for a wink
we’ve already destroyed most the environment
and are starting to sink

hello, my name is Human
i prefer to think of myself as divine creation
i fight tooth and nail with my brethren
to create a united nation

hello, my name is Human
and creation is in my soul
tell me what to write
and instead i will draw

hello, my name is Human
and when we cease to exist
our remains will litter the planet
until it joins the black abyss

hello, my name is Human
and i have got a soul
i need to remember my roots
and return to the world of old

hello, my name is Creature
and i am one with the forest that surrounds
i dance and i sing
and my energy is all around

hello, our name is Human
and we are a collective few
we forgot our destruction
and dove back to our roots

hello, our name is Human
and we are part of the divine
we sing with the canary
and burrow with the porcupine

hello, our name is Life
and together we sing
we are happy being One
and in tune with everything


  • E. Lexi Abbott

Desert Rainbows

Image Source: https://historythings.com/human-imprint-shifting-sahara-desert/

there are no rainbows in the desert
because the air is dry
there is no surface to reflect on
to show colors in the sky

there are no rainbows in the desert
the environment is arid and alone
it takes both sun and water
to make a happy Home

there are no rainbows in the desert
the sun dominates the sky
the plants and animals have adapted
to living hot and dry

there are no rainbows in the desert
just like no man is an island on his own
it takes resources and connections
to make life something well known

there are no rainbows in the desert
just like there are no fires in the sea
no waterfalls on the plains
and no scales on a bee

everything has its place
in this world so wide
but don’t confuse yourself with a desert
sometimes you need to cry inside

with those tears come a rainbow
of colorful shimmering hues
the desert transforms to forest
and new growth begins in you

there are no rainbows in the desert
we need connection in order to grow
we need sad times and glad times
and space for the rainbows to show

everything is a balance
that is how life exists at all
we happen to be in the perfect place
on a green and blue ball

there are no rainbows in the desert
so stop isolating yourself on your own
it takes laughter and it takes tears
to make a happy Home

Author: E. Lexi Abbott

Author Signing in Cumming, Ga!

E. Lexi Abbott Poetry Chapbooks

Hello and good morning everyone! I am excited to announce that I will have my first author signing at Sawnee Drug Co. in Cumming, Ga (2515 Business Dr, Cumming, GA 30028)


Tire Tales: An Educational Children’s Book Series!

Come with your Tire Tales books or E. Lexi Abbott poetry chapbook to get it signed, in person, by the author! I can’t wait to see you there!

E. Lexi Abbott

E. Lexi Abbott Booth!

Come find me at the Cumming Farmer’s Market on Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 6:30 – 11 am!

Located in the parking lot across from the Fairgrounds in Cumming, Ga!

E. Lexi Abbott creating a custom poem for a patron!

I am a poet, writer, tutor, and editor! Let me make you a custom on-the-spot poem and come check out “Tire Tales”, an educational children’s book series for K-3rd grade students!

Tire Tales: Learning About Germany

“Tire Tales: Learning About Germany” cover

Teach your students about Germany with Tire Tales’ upcoming book!

Shelly, Amelia, Speedy, and Whiz meet a new friend named Strudel and he shares fun facts about Germany with the friends! Facts like where Germany is located, how big Germany is, and what fun things you can find there!

Message me for information on how to order yours today!


Sweet Apple Farmer’s and Artisan’s Market

Find E. Lexi Abbott at the Sweet Apple Farmer’s and Artisan’s Market TONIGHT from 2-5 pm!

WHEN: 7/22/2021 from 2-5 pm

WHERE: 7386-9478 Hardscrabble Rd, Roswell, GA 30075

See you there!

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